Life Church Omaha is a source of real people helping each other to discover christ, recover identity, and uncover purpose.

or as we call it, "real people, Real Life" 

The need for community is real and apparent. When we cut ourselves off from one another, we lose focus on why our Creator created us in the first place: relationship. Just as He walked with Adam and Eve and as his Son walked with his disciples, so must we walk together. Without community, we are dry and thirsty, left with crumbling neighborhoods, barren families, and a continued rise of self-seeking, self-destructive behavior. In short, we are in a drought of life.

How do we correct this failure? Small groups. Going beyond shallow, Sunday-morning friendships seen across the country, where "OK" is the desired answer to "How are you?", our small groups run deep. These groups are springs of life-long friendships, coves in turbulent times, and routes for the church body to carve through our nation's current terrain.

Life Church will be one body of many smaller groups, with the majority of our congregation meeting outside our four walls in homes, restaurants, or wherever life is needed in the Omaha Metro. And they will produce an entirely different energy. Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 2:20 to "Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others." Our members will learn God's great truths and how to reach others with it, repeating the cycle for generations until the hope of Jesus Christ overflows throughout  our families, our city, and our country.

A powerful current cannot be contained. Let's be the force God uses to change our landscape.