Day 19: John 19

See past the I

So when Jesus looked down and saw the disciple he loved standing with her, he said, “Mother, look—John will be a son to you.” Then he said, “John, look—she will be a mother to you!” From that day on, John accepted Mary into his home as one of his own family.
John 19:26-27 (TPT)

In full transparency, I was not thrilled about being assigned this chapter. It’s heavy and deep and I wasn’t sure if I could handle all the chaos that takes place in its verses. But as I was reading through the chapter, God gave me a new set of eyes for this passage. 

As I read the beginning of the chapter, I can just hear the chaos, the shouting, the beating that’s taking place. This man that has healed and ministered to them, that was once applauded and cheered, is now surrounded by a group of people that is fuming with hate and rage. From the first blow to the last stab, it’s almost too much for our minds to comprehend. How can anyone endure such pain and humiliation? And yet, through the shouting and beating, Jesus shows us how we should handle chaos in our own lives. 

When chaos hits our home, we step into this “me, myself, and I” mentality. It’s all about how “I” feel, how this effects “me”. The people in our lives and around us could be in the same pain or struggling just as bad, but we are so focused on “I” we can’t see them the way we are meant to. Our vision is clouded; we only see things through the filter of our pain, our hurt, our chaos.

But in this passage of scripture Jesus shows us that in the midst of chaos and pain and hurt, He still sees people through the Father’s eyes. Jesus wasn’t in the “me, myself, and I” mentality, it was the exact opposite; caring for the grief his mother would feel when losing a son. While hanging on a cross, He put himself aside, again, to tend to the needs of the people He loved. 

There are times when the chaos of our everyday lives can cloud our vision with our feelings, our pains, our struggles, but who is around that needs you to see them through your Father’s eyes? See as Jesus sees—beyond the me, myself, and I.

Our Prayer

Jesus, I praise You for the example of selflessness You set. Despite your own imaginable pain and anguish, You turned your attention toward others’ hurts. When You could of focused on yourself, healed yourself, freed yourself, You stayed on the cross. You saw the pain of your mother and brothers then, you saw my pain now. Lord, I pray that you open my own eyes to see past myself and how I can be like you in others’ lives for your glory and the spreading of your kingdom. In your name I pray, amen.